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Honor Society Members

Jenny Young of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
born 1968 at 10:20 pm
I was the last of 13 babies born on the same maternity ward at Queen Elizabeth II hospital, Welwyn Garden City, on leap year day 1968
Lisa Cohen of Florida, United States
born 1952
So glad to find this group for fellow Leapers.
Jastity of New York, United States
born 1996
Being a leap year baby is very special to me. I have a huge party every 4 years and when it's not my birthday I celebrate it on February 28th...
Chris Lulloff of Wisconsin, United States
born 1972 at 9:00 pm
Shaun Lloyd Winstanley of United Kingdom
born 1968
Kelly McHugh of Pennsylvania, United States
born 1972 at 5:07 pm
My "other years" celebration philosophy - we're worthy of being celebrated for 2 full days!
Jose A. Alvarez of Florida, United States
born 1976 at 7:16 pm
Jeff Lockhart of Fife, United Kingdom
born 1960 at 11:58 am
I'm a Leap Year baby - and I was born on my Mother's birthday. She was born on her big sister's birthday. Three Leap Year Babies in...
Tony Sebastian of Kerala, India
born 1992 at 5:45 pm
I feel honoured to be born on leap year. Our birthday itself makes us unique and that brings great joy to me.
Byunghoo Ahn of Seoul Special City, South Korea
born 1988 at 12:20 am
hi friends~!
Leyanne B-Surgey of Nottingham, United Kingdom
born 1992 at 10:45 pm
Hi guys, our birthdays are very special, I'm sure that we all have had similar experiences growing up with such an unusual birthday, people used...
Kush Vaya of Gujarat, India
born 1996 at 2:23 pm
All in all I found out Myself A Leapling as well as have a unusual writing style just as what respected President Obama has.
Vignesh of Tamil Nadu, India
born 1992 at 11:55 am
Its great Pleasure to meet you all coz we celebrate our birthdays on same date ... If Time permits we will try to meet up ...
Aravindh Jose of Kerala, India
born 2000 at 10:30 am
hello guys I'm Aravindh jose from india.I am happy that i'm a LEAP YEAR boy.Age is 16(4)........
Igor Jovanovic of Montenegro
born 1984 at 12:30 am
Debbie of Connecticut, United States
born 1972 at 1:00 am
Vansh Sandesh Chavan of Maharashtra, India
born 2016 at 5:40 am
I am happy that my baby boy is born in leap year.
Greg Moore of South Australia, Australia
born 1952 at 1:00 am
Just made it, but nice to be unique !
Jacqueline John and Jennifer Kennedy of United Kingdom
born 1964
Happy 13 th Birthday to my Twin Jennifer Kennedy Teenagers at last ! I was born 55 mins before Jen. 29/02/1964 in Cardiff Jen weighed 7lb and...
Jinhyeong Kwak of Incheon Metropolitan City, South Korea
born 1980 at 4:30 am
I am a member of South Korea Leap day group.
Zack of United States
born 1980
John Martinez of Colorado, United States
born 1972
Janet Powell of Tennessee, United States
born 1952 at 11:17 am
I have only met 5 other people in my lifetime who were leap year babies. I will be 64 on the 29th, but 16 in leap years, yes, to be 16 again. The...
Elizabeth Medrano of Texas, United States
born 1976
Shafaan Jafri of Singapore
born 2000 at 2:29 am
McKenzie Tyree of Georgia, United States
born 1972
Scott Post of Florida, United States
born 1952 at 2:40 am
Wow! This is great! Just found this website. In off years I start celebrating on the 28th and keep going till my family gets fed up with me( usually...
Charles Caraker of Missouri, United States
born 1964 at 4:59 am
Catherine Bilodeau of Quebec, Canada
born 1992
of course I am a leap year baby! :D
Saige of Colorado, United States
born 2008 at 8:06 am
Yes, my pre-school teacher was a Leap Day baby and she taught me how to celebrate on the years that I don't have a birthday. It's called...
Amanda Calello of New Jersey, United States
born 1980
Jigar Kapadia of United States
born 1984 at 4:00 am