Pets born on Leap Day


A Leap Day baby can have a parent who is also a Leap Day baby.
They can even have a sibling, or any other relative, who was born on February 29th.

What about pets? Humans are not the only things born on Leap Day!


Maddy, born February 29th 2004

Member Sue Barratt of Wigston, Leics, England, UK born 1952

Maddy was born Leap Day (2004) which makes her extra special to me
being a Leap Day Baby myself (1952). She lives up to her name MAD
by name and MAD by nature!

The reasoning behind her name is, she was from a litter of just two. Her
brother was called Robin Hood and Maddy was naturally called Maid Marion.
According to legend Robin Hood had a pet name for Maid Marion which was
Maddy. It also means, in Old English, My Lady, which she is.

  Member William Kennedy of Louisiana, USA born 1988

My dog, Fang, was also born on Leap Year Day, just like me!
2-29-00 is his and 2-29-88 is mine. Is that not weird!?

If you have a pet that was born on Leap Day, please let us know. 
And send a picture of the Leap Day Pet too! 
Just send the information and the pictures to Raenell here.