Leaping Greetings Everyone!

Soon it will just be one year before our next birthday.

We are very excited to introduce to you, Leap Day baby, Cari DeCoons, age 8 1/2 she has a super cool Leap Year Day Birthday Party Kit and paper goods! She is now a part of The Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies and we are very excited about that. Please check out her items at leapyearbaby.com.

Enjoy the website... learn something about Leap Day... and don't forget...

I leap therefore I am...

Raenell Dawn,

The Leap Day Lady

You can scroll through the Knowledge Base carousel above to navigate through the site. We're pretty sure we have the internet's biggest collection of Leap Day facts and trivia.

These are some things we're concerned about:

  • Dictionaries still don't post Leap Year Day like they do New Year's Day. Leap Year and Leap Day are in all lower case letters. That needs changed.
  • Some websites still consider February 29 an invalid date!
  • Most calendar's still don't put LEAP DAY on February 29th. That needs changed.
  • We all have issues, but we leapers also face these... Leap Year Issues

Leap Day tends to be the calendar's forgotten day, and we will continue to try to help the world understand why these things are important, especially to people born on Leap Day. If you have a story to add, send it to us via the "contact us" link above.

Remember!  It's not just some people's birth day. Leap Day is everyone's extra day.

Enjoy the site!